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Asteraceae in Kubitzki

The Asterales volume: The Families and Genera of Vascular Plants is now complete.

The manuscript of the Asterales volume (Kadereit, J.W., Jeffrey, C. (Eds.): The Families and Genera of Vascular Plants (Series Editor: K. Kubitzki), Vol. VIII Asterales. Springer: Heidelberg) of THE FAMILIES AND GENERA OF VASCULAR PLANTS is now complete. After having passed through the hands of Klaus Kubitzki as editor of the series it has now been sent to the publisher (Springer/Heidelberg). Production should start right away and the book should be out in the course of 2006.
Compositae are recognized to contain 1620 numbered genera in 30 tribes (plus two groups of uncertain placement). In addition, 14 genera recently described or reinstated are listed in Addenda to Calenduleae, Gnaphalieae and Astereae. Tribal delimitation is according to tribal authors and partly differs from the subfamilial and tribal classification of the family as presented in the introduction to the family by Charles Jeffrey.

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