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ICN Data Portal Release

On the beginning of March 2009, the International Cichorieae Network (ICN) releases a first prototype version of the Cichorieae Data Portal.

The ICN Data Portal (http://wp6-cichorieae.e-taxonomy.eu/portal/) is based on a new data model developed by EDIT (European Distributed Institute of Taxonomy) workpackage 5 and produces dynamic webpages on demand, displaying content that is extracted from the underlying database.

The first prototype of the ICN data portal represents work in progress and is neither complete nor bug-free, but already shows many of the essential data and functionalities.

- Names, nomenclatural references and protologues:
World-wide compilation of accepted names at genus and species rank is now complete for the tribe, with the exception of the genera Hieracium and Pilosella, which we have skipped entirely so far. Compilation of further data first focussed on Crepidinae, Lactucinae and Scorzonerinae and we are continuing to add them for other subtribes. Many synonymies are still incomplete, but in many other cases you will find complete, critically checked compilations of synonyms as nowhere else available. About 3300 scanned protologues can be found in the portal, and we are continuously adding more, aiming at a complete collection of all Cichorieae protologues. The systematics of the tribe displayed in the taxon tree is based on the most recent molecular phylogeny of the tribe by Gemeinholzer & al., as is outlined in the forthcoming overview of the tribe (Kilian, Gemeinholzer & Lack in: Funk, Susanna, Stuessy & Bayer (ed.) 2009 [in press]: Systematics, Evolution, and Biogeography of the Compositae. IAPT, Vienna.

- Descriptions, ecology and images:
We have started to integrate taxon descriptions and ecological information from the literature as well as a first small number of images, together with image-related data. For the time being, the most detailed morphological descriptions are taken from the literature and displayed in the portal. In a second step anticipated for somewhat later this year we are starting to replace them by new standardized descriptions generated with Delta Access.

- Distribution data:
Several thousand literature-referenced geographical data have been compiled from the literature, using the entities of TDWG level 4 as mapping units. However, this process is not yet complete and therefore, the resulting maps are fragmentary and to be seen as models, not as maps pretending to show the complete distribution of a taxon.

More details can be found on the website of the ICN at http://wp6-cichorieae.e-taxonomy.eu/blog/home.

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