Home News (Urbatsch) 04 Mar 2004


Flora of North America manuscripts

My colleagues including Vesna Karaman, Roland Roberts, Kurt Neubig, and Patricia Cox, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, and I in various combinations have submitted treatments to the Flora North America editorial committee for the Asteraceae volumes to

Genera in tribe Astereae treated include Boltonia, Chrysothamnus (including Vanclevea), Cuniculotinus*, Ericameria, Gundlachia, Hesoperodoria, Lorandersonia*, Neonesomia*, Nestotus*, Petradoria, and Toiyabea*. The asterisk indicates new genera whose names are being validated. Genera in tribe Heliantheae treated for FNA include Echinacea, Radibida, and Rudbeckia (including Dracopis).

Lowell E. Urbatsch


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