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Compositae in: Families and Genera of Vascular Plants

Compositae will be part of the Asterales volume, probably Vol. VIII, of 'The Families and Genera of Vascular Plants' (series editor: K. Kubitzki).

The volume is being edited by Charles Jeffrey (for Compositae only) and myself, and will contain, in alphabetical order, Alseuosmiaceae, Argophyllaceae, Compositae, Calyceraceae, Campanulaceae, Carpodetaceae (included in Rousseaceae by APG II), Goodeniaceae, Menyanthaceae, Pentaphragmataceae, Phellinaceae, Rousseaceae and Stylidiaceae (including Donatiaceae).

Except for Compositae, all family accounts have been received, edited, and revised by the authors. Editing of the revised accounts is very close to completion. In Compositae, tribal accounts were assigned as follows (in alphabetical order):
* Introduction: C. Jeffrey
* Anthemideae: Ch. Oberprieler, R. Vogt, L. E. Watson
* Arctoteae: P.O. Karis
* Astereae: G. L. Nesom, H. Robinson
* Barnadesieae: T. Stuessy, E. Urtubey
* Calenduleae: B. Nordenstam
* Cardueae: A. Susanna, N. Garcia-Jacas
* Corymbieae: B. Nordenstam
* Eupatorieae: N. Hind
* Gnaphalieae: R. Bayer, I. Breitwieser, J. Ward, C. Puttock
* Helenieae (to be subdivided): J. Panero
* Heliantheae (to be subdivided): J. Panero
* Inuleae: A. A. Anderberg, P. Eldenäs
* Lactuceae: H.W. Lack
* Liabeae: V. A. Funk, H. Robinson, M. O. Dillon
* Moquinieae: H. Robinson
* Mutisieae: N. Hind
* Senecioneae: B. Nordenstam
* Vernonieae: H. Robinson

Of these accounts, all but Eupatorieae, Mutisieae and parts of Helenieae and Heliantheae (submitted: Athroismeae, Chaenactideae, Helenieae s.str., Perityleae) have been submitted (partly long ago!), edited, and revised by the authors, and in many cases editing of the revised accounts has been completed. There is good reason to hope that Nicholas Hind and José Panero will submit the missing materials in the course of spring.
After that, the introduction to the family by Charles Jeffrey will have to be adjusted to the accounts, suitable illustrations will have to be looked for in some cases, and of course some more editing will have to be done. It also will be necessary to check very carefully if genera have been duplicated or left-out. If the missing accounts will indeed be submitted in spring, I expect that the volume can go to the press (Springer) in late summer, and will come out early next year. The publisher was quite efficient and rather fast in doing Vol. VII (Lamiales, also edited by myself) which will be out in the next few days.

Joachim Kadereit


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