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Othake Raf.

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Species Othake texanum (DC.) Bush

Species Othake callosum (Nutt.) Bush accepted as Palafoxia callosa (Nutt.) Torr. & A.Gray
Species Othake reverchonii Bush accepted as Palafoxia reverchonii (Bush) Cory
Species Othake robustum Rydb. accepted as Palafoxia texana var. robusta (Rydb.) B.L.Turner & M.I.Morris
Species Othake roseum Bush accepted as Palafoxia rosea (Bush) Cory
Species Othake sphacelatum (Nutt. ex Torr.) Rydb. accepted as Palafoxia sphacelata (Nutt. ex Torr.) Cory

Species Othake canescens Rydb. (uncertain > unassessed)
Species Othake hookerianum (Torr. & A.Gray) Bush (uncertain > unassessed)
Species Othake lindenii (A.Gray) Bush (uncertain > unassessed)
Species Othake longifolium Raf. (uncertain > unassessed)
Species Othake macrolepis Rydb. (uncertain > unassessed)
Species Othake maximum (Small) Bush (uncertain > unassessed)
Species Othake rosea Bush (uncertain > unassessed)
Species Othake tenuifolium Raf. (uncertain > unassessed)
marine, brackish, fresh, terrestrial
(1836). New Fl. (Rafinesque) 4
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original description (1836). New Fl. (Rafinesque) 4
page(s): 73 [details]   
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New Flora and Botany of North America . . . 4: [Tropicos] [details]

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