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The TICA Newsletter

The Compositae Newsletter was edited for a quarter of a century by Bertil Nordenstam. Now, almost nine years since the last issue we are rebooting this timeless classic. We invite you to explore the first volume of this new series and consider contributing with an article of your own in the future!

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Systematics, Evolution and Biogeography of the Compositae

Funk, V., Susanna, A, Stuessy, T Y R. Bayer (eds.) 

The massive megaproduction, with contributions of over 80 authors has been finally made available to all synantherologists in pdf. You may download it here.

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Morphology & Classification of Compositae:  From Cassini to NGS and back again

TICA workshop at Botany 2021

During Botany 2021 TICA organized a Compositae Workshop attended by over 20 people.You can  access the 18 lectures through the following links. 

Introduction to the Compositae | M. Bonifacino | youtube

Introduction to the Microcharacters | M. Bonifacino | youtube

Barnadesieae | M. Bonifacino | youtube

Nassauvieae & Mutisieae | Liliana Katinas | youtube

Gochnatieae | G. Sancho | youtube

Miscelaneous small tribes | G. Heiden | pdf

Vernonieae | B. Loeuille | youtube

Cichorieae | M. Bonifacino | youtube

Gnaphalieae | N. Bergh | youtube

Senecioneae | M. Bonifacino | youtube

Astereae | G. Heiden | pdf

Inuleae | M. Monge | youtube

Anthemideae | C. Oberprieler | pdf

Heliantheae, Coreopsideae, Millerieae | B. Baldwin | youtube

Helenieae, Tageteae, Chaenactideae, Bahieae | B. Baldwin | youtube

Madieae, Perityleae | B. Baldwin | youtube

Eupatorieae | E. Schilling | youtube

Phylogeny of Compositae | J. Mandel | youtube

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