TICA Talks is a venue for bringing together fellow synantherologists from across the world in a monthly virtual symposium of all things Compositae (and yes, it is ok to call it Asteraceae). TICA Talks features a main talk (30-40 min) and one or two lightning talks (5 min) though the structure is flexible. If you are interested in giving a talk or attending a talk, please click the appropriate buttons down below. Talks are recorded and posted on the TICA youtube channel.

Next TICA Talks

March 22, 2021 | 7:30 UTC

From the FieldHD

From the Field - Patagonia

A show and tell that will take you on a tour around the world to see incredible Comps!

In the next TICA Talks, TICA members will share stories and images about amazing plants from fantastic places. Join us to see the wonders that often lay out of the beaten track … and some other times just in your backyard!

Past TICA talks


Erika Moore

Erika Moore. University of Memphis, USA.

Reevaluating genetic diversity and structure of Helianthus verticillatus after the discovery of new populations | YouTube

Gabriel Johnson

Gabriel Johnson. Smithsonian Institution, USA.

Common misconceptions about tissue preservation for DNA  | YouTube

Bort Edwards

Bort Edwards. Yale University, USA

Scraping GBIF for country-level Compositae data: can it tell us where we aren't looking hard enough? | YouTube


Mauricio Bonifacino

Mauricio Bonifacino, Universidad de la República, Uruguay

TICA & Global Compositae Database:
Keeping Vicki Funk's legacy alive | YouTube

Jennifer Ackerfield

Jennifer Ackerfield, Denver Botanic Gardens

The funky thistle | YouTube

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